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2011-01-23 13:19:03 by Flashmaker2010

M-bot keeps on deleting my reviews for no fucking reason!!!! Why the fuck is he doing that?! He also deleted my fucking art projects! I fucking hate you m-bot! M-bot if you are reading this I just want you to know if you don't shut up I'm going to make a flash about you getting killed! So leave me the fuck alone Bitch-bot and if you delete one more review I will make a flash about you! By the way I just messed up his profile look at it!

FUCK YOU M-BOT now leave me alone and if you are reading this I hope you understand now!



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2011-01-23 13:51:59

M-bot is liek so meaan ikr!!!Z!111111111AAAAAAAARRRGGGGGH IDIOT

Flashmaker2010 responds:

Thank you for hating M-bot at last!


2011-01-23 14:44:16

PROTIP: Don't write abusive reviews.

Flashmaker2010 responds:

But the reviews were not abusive!


2011-01-23 14:58:37

Hey stupid.

M-bot didn't delete your reviews, I did. His job is to let shit heads (like you) know when your reviews are deleted by a mod.


Flashmaker2010 responds:

Hey I just talked to your mom she said that she loves babies! D:


2011-01-23 15:05:13

Poozy's got your number.

Flashmaker2010 responds:



2011-03-29 13:17:27

I HAVE SAME THING! he only deleted my comments not art projects.


2012-07-08 05:12:31

I left a negative comment one on of squf's videos (yknow the guy who made videos with a faded picture with some psychedelic pattern over it) not even all that abusive just a suggestion to make his a little less bland and monotonous and it was removed in less than an hour!
I guess there is a lot of nepotism among the mods and the old NG users.