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I'm going to make a game! (If I can)

2010-12-22 13:31:57 by Flashmaker2010

Coming soon is a game! Its called "Escape The Green Room" I'm not just going to be making movies I'm going to be making games too! So get ready for my new game called Escape The Green Room! Coming January 2011 to newgrounds!

Fifth Flash (Blammed)

2010-12-16 17:29:16 by Flashmaker2010

Warning: This is my first adult flash so if you are under 18 don't watch it. By the way this will be my last flash for this year but don't worry I will be making more flashes starting January 2011.

Update: Uh-oh sorry folks my flash got blammed. :(

Fourth flash (Uploded)

2010-12-15 18:22:54 by Flashmaker2010

This next flash that I made was a flash that I made when I was drunked.

This next flash that I made is a parody of the ring (Newgrounds not included)

New flash! Uploaded

2010-12-08 18:03:30 by Flashmaker2010

WARNING: This flash might not be good for people under 17 or have heart problems. Anyway click on the link to watch it.

Come and watch it!

Please do not post mean reviews on it.


2010-12-01 19:49:32 by Flashmaker2010

Hello, this is Justin speaking that I'm new to Newgrounds! That means its my first time here. The reason why I came to Newgrounds because I want to become a flash artist! Starting December 5th I'm going to make my first flash and sent it to Newgrounds, I hope you people are excited!! Well, this is Justin signing off for now I will see you guys later!!!!