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2011-01-23 13:19:03 by Flashmaker2010

M-bot keeps on deleting my reviews for no fucking reason!!!! Why the fuck is he doing that?! He also deleted my fucking art projects! I fucking hate you m-bot! M-bot if you are reading this I just want you to know if you don't shut up I'm going to make a flash about you getting killed! So leave me the fuck alone Bitch-bot and if you delete one more review I will make a flash about you! By the way I just messed up his profile look at it!

FUCK YOU M-BOT now leave me alone and if you are reading this I hope you understand now!


New flash uploaded

2011-01-13 14:02:12 by Flashmaker2010

This is a weird one:

Another flash is uploaded

2011-01-09 21:23:14 by Flashmaker2010

I'm back from Canada!

2011-01-09 12:50:08 by Flashmaker2010

I had returned from Canada! Did you guys missed me? Well anyway I'm going to be working on my flash and I will post it tonight.

I will be going off Newgrounds until January 9th because I'm going to be visiting my Canadian cousin for the weekend (My cousin happened to be a Canadian and I'm a American but my whole family lives in both Countries Canada and America) So I will see you guys on Sunday and while I'm in Canada with my cousin I'm going to be doing a flash there and post it on Monday. So bye Newgrounds see you on Sunday at 2:00PM.

WARNING: This flash might have alot of bad words that children under 17 should not be hearing so watch this flash if you dare.

New flash uploaded.

2011-01-01 01:09:00 by Flashmaker2010

Oh and by the way I just want to say to everyone:


I made a new flash

2010-12-30 15:21:03 by Flashmaker2010

WARNING: Beware the ending of my flash for those who might get seizures during flashy lights.

I'm going to take a break from Flashes for a while and make some Art work I will post 2 of them tomorrow. I'm also going to be making some music too. I hope you will like my art work and music work.

Guys please read this.

2010-12-24 12:02:02 by Flashmaker2010

I don't know when I'm going to be making another flash or a game. I might have to cancel "Escape the Green room" game due to so much stuff to do. :(

I will tell you guys what, I'm going to be making another flash during the holidays and post it here on January 1st 2011 if I can. I'm very sorry guys but I'm becoming old and my parents are giving me so much chores. But don't worry my flash will come on New years no matter what! But still, I might have to cancel "Escape the Green room". I sorry people if you were looking forward to my 1st game. :(

Before I sign out of Newgrounds for tonight I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!